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Yuki carefully recruited, trained professionally, expertly trained, good ethics, equipped with uniforms, full security and modern security equipment with polite, The effect will contribute to the safety, pride and success of customers.


Yuki's leadership and command team, Meng experienced in the field of professional protection, promptly and accurately handle, overcome all the problems occur, minimize the risk. Mechanism of security and order, property safety for customers.


Yuki's protection always builds good diplomatic relations with local authorities, develops emergency plans, and supports timely reinforcement. Ensuring order and security from outside the target and residential areas, bringing maximum security effect to customers.

All you need is absolute peace of mind

Fast, professional, accurate

About Yuki security

Protect Yuki is a joint venture company with Japan operating over 15 years in the field of protection. Protect Yuki has affirmed its brand in the business group With a staff of over 1,000 employees, all of Yui Guard’s security guards are strictly selected based on the following requirements: Appearance – Ethical – Flexible – Absolutely loyal ..

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When you use the professional protection services of yuki guards, you do not need to pay attention to:

– Expense for inspection and supervision.

– Cost of training and training of security guards.

– Cost of equipment investment, costumes.

– Expenses for insurance, welfare …

– The cost of labor accidents, damage caused by security forces … And direct and indirect costs for internal security protection are not incurred.

When you use the professional protection services of yuki guards, you will not need to pay attention to:

– Sewing recruitment and training of security guards.

– Do not monitor and manage employees.

– Decline staffing and personnel structure

– Have the right to choose and replace security guards.

– Best coordination with police and local government …

When using Japanese professional security services Yuki:

– Maximum security needs, 24 / 24h.

– Security technology and business secrets.

– Quality professional services and modern security equipment …

– Professional comprehensive protection plan …


You need a professional security serviceYuki Security Sepre 24 always ready together
We are always with you.
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